Customer Testimonials

There is nothing better than working with professionals. We have utmost respect for your time and budget. We understand that every repair is a custom one, specifically tailored to your vehicle and needs. Our goal is to demystify the repair process and put your mind at ease, knowing that you vehicle is in good hands.

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"My daughter recently got in an accident (not her fault) and got rear ended and pushed into the car in front of her. $5,300 worth of damage to her 2015 Subaru Forrester. We took the car to Krum at Capital Auto Shop, and Krum and the team there were amazing. Krum's super-honest, very professional, and kept us informed every step of the way. We got the car back this week and the work was amazing, and the car looks great. Further, they do an excellent job of cleaning the car up after the work's done. The car was cleaner inside and out than when we first took it to Krum, and there was no weird paint smells inside, and no dust bits anywhere. So, not only do they know how to fix your car, they also know how to clean it up after the work is done. I highly recommend Krum and the team at Capital Auto Shop for all of your autobody needs."

- B. Layton

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"Very customer friendly and professionally managed."

- Charles

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"Capital Auto Shop is a gem in the auto repair industry. Krum is a stand up guy with wonderful knowledge and integrity! We've had more repairs than I'd like to admit and Krum has handled each one seamlessly. Highly recommend!"

- Anjalia

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"Krum is the absolute best! He went above and beyond. I wish I found them sooner!"

- Amy

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"The work done was exceptional and the customer service was great, thank you for taking care of my car!"

- Kayleigh

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"The owner and staff of the shop were great! I took my wife’s car for a body work and Krum (the owner of the shop) told me from the beginning what the process will look like and how long will everything take."

- D. Dimitrov

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"Working from home, the best surprise was they were able to provide me with preliminary estimate over the pictures i sent them and they offered me touch-less experience where they would pick up and drop off the car and deal with the dealership and my insurance company."

- A. Atabaeva

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"Service was great! If I have a need again in the future, I will definitely come back! It’s important to work with trusted professionals when it comes to cars and you’ll find that here."

- D. Hembach

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"Excellent customer service! Extremely satisfied with work performed. The quality of work and color match exceeded my expectations! The whole experience was such a smooth transition from start to finish!"

- J. Ribeiro

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"They went out of their way to accommodate my needs and made me feel as a valued customer. If you're looking for a great shop, with great staff that will take care of your car, this is your place."

- G. Iliev

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"Good communication and beautiful final product. My car was ready in the estimated time and the experience as a whole was great. And their paint is on point."

- A. Viera

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"The service and the quality is amazing. Highly recommend this shop, look forward to using it in the future"

- K. Todorov

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"Krum and company are the best! Good people and great quality work. Thank you!!!!"

- B. Burgoyne

We Make Car Repair Hassle Free

Our friendly and professional team is ready to help you. We work with all insurance companies and have been providing five-star collision, paint, and auto body repairs for all vehicles.

  • Lifetime warranty on all paint and repairs
  • Original factory certified parts
  • Top of the line German premium paint system
  • 5-Star auto body frame machine
  • Expert technicians and specialist
  • Work with all insurance companies
  • Free online estimate
  • Specials for teachers, military and first responders
  • Free post-repair car wash

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